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Landscaping & Hardscaping in Concord NC

Of all the home improvement projects, a homeowner can take on, landscaping can be the most rewarding and transformative. Last year, the heating system in my home was loud and inefficient. It was because the furnace that powered the hydronic baseboard system was very very old and needed to be replaced, but also all of the piping needed to be redesigned. The job cost about $5000 to complete and solved the problem. The system, overnight, became efficient and quiet. One may think that such a home improvement would be wildly rewarding, and it was rewarding, but the euphoria wore off after a week. 

That same year, our family replaced all of our old and decaying raised garden bed boxes, removed unruly bushes from the root and replaced them with beautiful green sod , and trimmed all of the old overhanging branches of our trees. Those small improvements took two to three weekend days of work and transformed the backyard. Months later, we still look out over our yard with pride at the beauty of the transformation remembering what it used to look like, and we are excited for the next transformation that we will undertake. That is the power of landscaping. The euporia and pride are lasting.

Imagine driving by the front of your home as you pull into the driveway after a long day of work to see lush plants, dark fresh mulch, pruned trees, fresh mowing lines, and a new walkway for the mailman with a new mailbox. We can all picture it and most homeowners have at least a small vision for what their yard could look like. Concord Landscaping can make all of that a reality. We have the skills and knowledge to listen to your vision and work together to make it a reality. 

Now picture your backyard. Imagine a privacy fence surrounding an outdoor patio made of clean stone, perfectly level, surrounding a waist -high stone fire pit. Imagine your friends and family and kids sitting outside around that firepit on a starry night listening to music, having a glass of wine, with the kids roasting marshmallows. 

Imagine a bench sitting atop garden pavers, covered by a pagoda for shade. Imagine that pagoda surrounded by flowers, or edible plants and fresh mulch, and you are reading a book in the shade in the heat of the North Carolina day.

Let your imagination run wild. That’s the beauty of Concord Landscaping in North Carolina. The weather in the mid atlantic makes landscaping ideas almost endless. In places like the southwest, this article would be primarily about hardscaping because it’s very hard to grow and maintain lush gardens and green grass. In the mid atlantic however, you can choose all greenscape, all hardscape, or any mixture of both. 

Concord Landscaping will help you select the rights plants for the right areas of your yard. We have the know-how to build the hardscaped structures that will serve to intensify and frame the beauty of those plants and also serve a function for you and your family. 

All beautiful Concord Landscapes begin simply with a piece of paper and a pencil. We will decide together which areas of your yard need the most focus and develop a structure. The structure can be formal, semi-formal, or wild. No matter the genre of design, it all begins with a sketch and your vision. Concord can support numerous plant varietals, so the options are almost endless, and we will help your with selections that will thrive.


The first season with your new landscape will be clean and rewarding and young. But as season one turns into seasons two and three, the trees and plants and shrubs that you select will explode with productivity. That is why you should get started today. Don’t let another season pass without getting started. There are so many homeowners that we encounter that have said, wow if we had only planted some fruit trees ten years ago when we purchased our home we would be enjoying fresh fruit and shade right now. Our response…let’s get to work and not let another growing season pass us by. 


Check out what some of Concord Landscaping customers have said about our service.

…my yard is in perfect condition all year long. Concord Landscaping professionals always show up on time and charge a reasonable price. Thank you!

-Michael M.

Concord Landscaping took a last minute job to prep our yard for an outdoor wedding. Amazing work!

-Betsy W.

Concord Landscaping trimmed trees and created a gravel and paver walkway through our garden path. Looks like a magical forest now. Thank you for your work.

-Joesph and Sandra T.