Mulch Delivery Concord NC

Mulch Delivery in Concord NC

Mulching is important for both the beautification and health of your Concord landscaping. Mulching serves three main purposes. It blocks sunlight from weeds trying to poke their way up through the earth. It retains moisture, preventing the soil around your plants and garden crops from drying up in the heat of summer. And finally, it beautifies your lawn framing walkways and driveways, and creating curb appeal. 

Weeds need two things to thrive. Sunlight and heat. That’s why weeds rear their ugly little heads at the peak of summer each year. A 2-3” layer of fresh mulch each spring or early summer will block the sunlight from reaching the weeds, preventing germination. 

Have you ever noticed that mulch seems to just disappear over time? That’s because it does! Organic mulch (such as tree bark or dried straw) breaks down over time and becomes compost, adding nutrients and enriching the soil year after year. If there is an area of your yard that needs soil preparation, say for a garden bed or flower spot, a healthy layer of mulch is perfect for preparation. You may read that mulch can strip your spoil of nitrogen content. Don’t worry about this. The small amount of nitrogen that gets removed is far outweighed by the benefits that mulch will add through weed killing and water retention. And it gets better. When the soil starts to turn fertile, it attracts beneficial worms and insects that aerate the soil, making it even more fertile. Now, go ahead and plant flowers or shrubs in moist, nutrient rich, aerated soil and you have a recipe for beauty and health.

Concord Landscaping can handle any mulching job big or small. Whether it’s for cosmetic purposes or soil enrichment, there are several mulch options to choose from. The first decision to make is whether organic or inorganic mulch is desired. We prefer organic mulch, but inorganic also has its uses.

Chipped Wood and Bark

Chipped wood is the most common type of mulch. It comes in multiple colors, but the most common are black, red, and natural wood. Larger sizes of mulch are less susceptible to being blown around the yard and allows for maximum airflow in the soil. The downside to large pieces of mulch is that it can start to look old and dingy over time, and because it breaks down more slowly than small and medium chip mulch, it’s harder to refresh year after year without spending extra time and money shoveling the old stuff away. Shredded mulches also looks great, are easier to break down into the soil but are more susceptible to being blown away during storms or heavy washouts. 

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is hugely popular in Concord Landscapes for a couple reasons. The mulch looks great and stays looking great for a long time. It breaks down slowly, so if you’re working in a an area where you’re not particularly concerned with soil fortification, it may be a good choice that doesn’t need replacement for multiple seasons. It also dominates in erosion control, so hills and slopes can benefit greatly from cypress mulch. The main problem with cypress mulch is that harvesting it is not a sustainable practice. Cypress forests take 100 years to reach maturity. As folks in the US continue to become more environmentally conscious, cypress mulch will most likely continue its decline in popularity. One strategy to use cypress mulch responsibly, is to use it only on targeted areas of your yard, such as slopes that need serious erosion control. 


Straw is an incredible mulch, especially for garden beds. It retains moisture well, is very inexpensive, and looks nice in applications where you’re trying to have a very natural homestead look. The downside is that it blows away easily, needs to be refreshed multiple times per season and does not have the curb appeal that most Concord lawns prefer. 

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is an inorganic mesh that blocks weeds, while allowing water and airflow to plant roots. Landscaping fabric has many applications. One area where we see it used heavily is around new shrubs and ornamental gardens in the front of people’s homes. It will last several years before weeds are able to penetrate. There is a big downside to landscape fabric, however. If you have even been involved in removing old fabric because weeds have penetrate it, or because you decided to do a major landscaping overhaul, you will know what a nightmare it can be to fully remove from under the soil. You can spend an entire day getting it all out from relatively small sections of your lawn. One of the more effective ways to use landscaping fabric is to leave it exposed above grade, and pinned down around your young plants to block life sucking weeds. Once your plants are well established, you will have the option of removing the cloth, as the young plant is now healthy enough to survive and thrive on its own.


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…my yard is in perfect condition all year long. Concord Landscaping professionals always show up on time and charge a reasonable price. Thank you!

-Michael M.

Concord Landscaping took a last minute job to prep our yard for an outdoor wedding. Amazing work!

-Betsy W.

Concord Landscaping trimmed trees and created a gravel and paver walkway through our garden path. Looks like a magical forest now. Thank you for your work.

-Joesph and Sandra T.