Tree Service Concord NC

Tree Service in Concord NC

Tree Service in Concord NC

Keeping your trees and shrubs properly pruned is an important part of both the health and beauty of your yard. Every Concord homeowner knows that keeping your plants and trees trimmed make your yard look nice and neat, but many are surprised to learn that doing so is often vital to the health of the trees and shrubs as well. 

Pruning is best done selectively and sparingly. The primary functions are pruning are to encourage proper growth patterns, to prevent disease, and to encourage growth of desirable plant parts. 

Mature Tree and Shrub Pruning

Pruning of established trees and shrubs is a labor of longevity. Once you have an established tree, you want it to outlive you! Besides, it took decades to get looking like it does now. There are a couple things to look for. The first is crossing branches. The major branches of your established tree should not be crossed or rubbing. Rub spots create entry points for insects and disease underneath the bark. Over time,this can create the death of major branches of your tree, or if left much too long, can infect the entire tree itself. The second thing in established trees to watch for are new branch shoots. New branch shoots should be cut immediately and close to the source. Since the tree or shrub is already mature, you don’t want it spending energy, water, and nutrient resources trying to feed new growth. 

It goes without saying that dead and diseased branches should also be cut away. This will stop the spread of the disease and will allow for better nutrient expenditure across the healthy parts of the plant.  

Branches on shrubs and trees that grow in directions other than out or up can become problematic. Branches growing toward the ground will eventually touch, allowing easy access for destructive pests. Branches that grow inwards will also cause the issue of crossing and rubbing described earlier in the article. 

Also be vigilant for suckers. Suckers do exactly that… they suck the life from your plants. Check around the base of your trees and shrubs for small grows and cut them before they spread and take root. 


Concord tree service also includes keeping vines at bay. Have you ever seen a beautiful tree wrapped neatly with beautiful vines and leaves? Although they look nice, those vines are taking vital nutrients from the soil and are preventing airflow from reaching the main trunk of the tree. Vine removal can be quite a job, especially if they haven’t been tended to in years. No problem though. Concord Landscapers will cut them at the root, and methodically unwrap them, freeing the base of your tree once again. 

Hedge Pruning

If your yard is bounded by evergreen hendges, springtime means trimming time. The hedges should be cut back gently to maintain their natural shape. A pro tip is to ensure that the hedge width at the top of the plant is slightly smaller than at the bottom. This will ensure that the lower growth is not shaded by the upper growth, keeping everything green and healthy. 

If your hedges are not evergreen, simply cut back dead and unruly branches with hand shears. 

Young Tree and Shrub Pruning

The good news about young trees and shrubs is that you have the opportunity to set their course early on for an adult plant that looks stunning. Some key points to keep in mind with young growth are that you want to encourage healthy growth from the start, and you want to shape early. Just like with mature tree and shrub trimming, you want to avoid overlapping growth, rubbing, and downward and inward branching. You also want to snip tiny shoots so that the main branches are the champions of your young plant. 


 You can do it yourself or call us to help you. 


Check out what some of Concord Landscaping customers have said about our service.

…my yard is in perfect condition all year long. Concord Landscaping professionals always show up on time and charge a reasonable price. Thank you!

-Michael M.

Concord Landscaping took a last minute job to prep our yard for an outdoor wedding. Amazing work!

-Betsy W.

Concord Landscaping trimmed trees and created a gravel and paver walkway through our garden path. Looks like a magical forest now. Thank you for your work.

-Joesph and Sandra T.